Rhino for Mac - chosing a Template problem

Hi there,

when i try to create a new empty document by chosing a Template, i use:

File > New Using Template…

which opens the Splash screen which has the list of standart Templates on the right. I do not want to choose a Standart Template but one of my own files which is not in Rhino’s Template directory. If i click on the button Open Other… i can navigate to my own Template file but it is opened as file not as new empty untitled file. So if someone saves over this, he destroys my template.

It would be great to have a button in the dialog which allows to open a Template file from a different location, same as it is possible under Windows. Here i can just run _New and get asked for a template to use. If i do the same under Mac, it just opens a new empty file with a Template i never specified.


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Hi Clement, thanks, I do not have a mac right here at the moment but I’ll check when I get back in front of one.

@clement - I see it… I’ll see if this can be tuned up.
RH-66622 New: Non-standard Template files open as regular files