Where does Rhino display the template a project has used?

Where do I look to find the template that I had used to start the project off with, such as Small Objects Inches ?



Hello - it does not. You can probably figure it out from the settings in the file if you have not changed these.


I am using inches so that narrows it down but did I choose small or medium I wonder.

Does it in fact matter if I choose inches medium for a project to make parts in for the main project if the main project was inches small ?

Will I experience any issues when copy pasting them over to the main project ?

By the way at the moment anything I copy paste out to a new file takes ages to paste in from the project that is running slow, though the mesh command you had me run speeded up the save of that slow project.

How to copy something out from this slow file and leave behind some kind of ‘haunting or possession’ causing slowness in everything it comes into, would be good to know of. Despite the ClearAllMeshes command that speeded up save.

e.g. I had a bolt I needed to bring into my bolts file and alter it, but it would have polluted my fast bolts file if I did so.
I dont want to make my normal speed files run slow and I am finding that anything copied from that file slows down the file its copied to, normally that never happens.