When V6 version of Rhino will finally be ready?

Hi everyone,

I’m a newcomer in this forum.

I’m an hobbyist in 3d modelling and in computer graphic in general,
and almost a year ago i baught a V5 64bit professional license of Rhino,
after testing many others competitors.

I suppose that if i say that Rhino is really superb, i’m reinventing the wheel :slight_smile:

Its possibilities honestly go far beyond my actual modelling capabilities.

I’m a user of Moi3d also, very smart 3d nurbas modeler and very streamlined way of

Maybe, if something really missing in Rhino is a more streamlined way to do things.

Anyway…this is the key question :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

When V6 version of Rhino will finally be ready ?

Have a nice day,


Marco, make sure you drop by here: discourse.mcneel.com/c/serengeti

Hi Rodri,

If i follow the link you wrote i get this message by the forum : “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private”.

Thanks anyway,


Are you using the same e-mail address to log-in here as you have used to validate your v5 licence? If so, you should have access . Let us know your licence key and validation e-mail address on a private email if you have problems…


Hi Rodri,

I don’t remember what email i used to validate the license.

What secure address should i send those informations ?

tech.eu@mcneel.com will work.

I’m pretty sure I’m using the same e-mailadress that I used to validate my v5 license and get the same message as mkdm. What is supposed to be on that page?

Hi again Rodri,

I apologize if i did not understand, but related to your previous reply, i serched inside the forum using the word “serengeti” and it seems to me that there’s nothing that relates explicitly to the V6 version announcement.

Did i miss something ?

Nice day,


Serengeti is a category here on Discourse - just as Rhino for Windows,Grasshopper, openNURBS, etc. Access to the category is limited to those users that have a registered RH5 license and that use the same eMail address as the one used to register the license.

As long as you don’t have access to the category, little will show up in a search.

There are many discussions about bugs, wishes, development, etc and, pinned at the top, is a post with a link to the latest msi installer for the WIP.

If you are having problems getting access, contact sales@mcneel.com directly.

Me too i’m pretty sure that I’m using the same e-mail address that I used to validate my v5 license,
but i’ll send a message to tech.eu@mcneel.com.

Anyway…there’s any clues upon the V6 official date ?



That answer hasn’t changed over the last 20 years: whenever it’s ready. :wink:

@brian - can you help?


As I thought :sweat_smile:

Tahnk’s anyway,


Hum - I have this problem. My license email is roderick.laird@unimelb.edu.au and my forum email is rodlaird@me.com… So I cannot get into the serengeti forum. What should I do?

Change the e-mail used for the forum to your license e-mail to get access to the Serengeti forum.


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Hi Rod,

My emails are also different yet I do have access to the serengeti/V6 wip group.
I think @brian will be able to add you (@rodlaird) tho the serengeti group.


The “serengeti” section isn’t open for mac users?!?!

There’s nothing there that runs on a Mac.
And - as things stand - you need to have registered a license of RH5 for Windows.

It is only my curiosity about Rhino in the future :slight_smile:

That is because you were invited and part of the WIP user group before @brian made the change to check against license / e-mail instead. The preferred way to get on Serengeti these days is to register with this forum using the e-mail that was used to register the license with (or change in profile settings to that if you’re already on discourse :wink: ).


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