When is the 'Edit Block' command likely to be implemented?

I’ve noticed that the ‘Edit Block’ command isn’t yet implemented in OS X. Is this due to be implemented some time soon? I mainly use Blocks for instancing and not as external references so using external block files isn’t really an option.

Also is there a resource that lists which commands are currently missing from the OS X beta?



I don’t know that the development items have been prioritized.
That particular command is unique in that the multi-document environment on the Mac makes this a command that can’t use much of the Windows logic or command code to make it work.
If it makes it into the initial release at all, my guess it will not be until closer to release.

In the mean time, save the block as it’s own file and edit it directly. Then insert it as Embedded and linked.

As I mentioned in my first post I understand the workaround of saving the block as an externally referenced file. I just wondered why traditional instancing was missing from the current OS X beta. Instancing is a fairly standard feature in poly modeling environments (where I spend most of my time) and it’s fairly critical from a scene memory management perspective so it seemed an odd feature to be de-prioritised for the OS X version of Rhino.

There are many in the ArchViz community who are looking forward to finally having an OS X native version of Rhino especially once it integrates V-Ray too and things like instancing are an essential aspect of scene management for rendering.

This isn’t intended in any way as a criticism but I thought a bit of background might be useful as to why I believe it to be an important feature to get right from the get-go.



It didn’t feel at all like criticism. As I said, there is no prioritization in the development as to what is useful or not in a production sense…

Blocks and instances have been in Mac Rhino for some time.
It’s the slight-of-hand “in place editing” that isn’t there.

We aren’t concentrating at this point in trying to make Mac Rhino a more productive tool for anyone yet. We are working on just getting the tools working.
Tech support for Mac Rhino is different too. Again, the emphasis is on getting it complete enough to be released. Once released, then the emphasis shifts to getting work done and being productive.

Does that make sense?

Makes complete sense. And I think your priorities are in the right place too.

I’ve come to the beta fairly late in the day so I might occasionally ask ‘obvious’ questions but I’ll always attempt to add some kind of value to the beta process and that feedback will always be based on my day to day needs at the studio.

Thanks again for explaining the ‘state of play’ ref blocks.


Please implement in place block editing. This feature is must-have for work with complex, repetitive objects. Thanks

bump. Hope this will be in final release.

I really miss In place block editing command. I work in architecture, and having a robust instance system is a must for me. I know that I can insert blocks as linked blocks but editing them without this feature it’s a pain. In fact, the lack of this feature is preventing me of using mac rhino as my primary 3d design tool, which is now sketchUp. Don’t get me wrong, I really love Rhino and I’ve been using Rhino for Windows for a long time but I really hate Windows so I have a conflict ; )

So, can we expect this feature to be implemented before mac rhino will be released?

Thanks in advanced,

Most likely the answer is no. That said, we are planning on adding features like this in point releases after the initial release.

Thanks Steve for replying so fast, even though this is bad news for me. Is there any public roadmap list of features to be implemented before the released?


I don’t believe there are any outstanding ‘new’ features to be implemented for the initial release. We are in the process of making sure the bugs for the existing feature set are cleaned up right now so we can actually ship a product.

Please remember that we do plan on adding other features to Mac Rhino during the lifespan of the initial version. In this case, you will receive a point release which will contain these new features.

I also think It’s a good idea to release the initial release ASAP, and then, develop the SDK for third party plugins.

I’m glad there will be point releases with new features.

there’s probably only one thing that i really like sketchup for over rhino and it’s component (block) editing…

is windows rhino block editing similar to how sketchup component editing works?

if so, i sort of wish i didn’t find this out because now i want it extra bad in the mac version too :smile:

Hi jeff,

SketchUp and Illustrator are the best softwares I’m aware of for editing components.
Rhino V5 for windows is a step in the right direction, but it’s far from being close to sketchUp’s components. I mean, in windows rhino you can double click a block a edit in place. But editing nested blocks is not as clean as in sketchUp. Another feature I miss badly in rhino is sketcUp’s outliner. I really hope we can see similar features in rhino some day.


Yes please! IMO this feature should have the highest priority. Block’s limitation is the reason why I use SketchUp as my primary tool right now. Working in the architectural field without blocks, I mean a well implemented block system ala SketchUp, it is a pain… So please implement this a soon as possible.


Just wanted to say thank you for implementing edit block in 5.2 WIP, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

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Any progress on getting Block Edit to work on OS X?

hey dawn…
the BlockEdit command is available in the Rhino for Mac 5.2 WIP version.

available here to licensed users:

thanks Jeff, good to know!

any idea when 5.2 will move out of WIP?