BlockEdit on rhino mac

I am a new user to he Rhino on Mac. On the windows version there was a BlockEdit command which let me access a block and edit it. Does the Mac version has such command?

Sorry, BlockEdit has not yet been implemented on the Mac. It may rely on a plugin and need some additional development tools before it can be added. This is logged here for future reference.

In the meantime, you’ll need to open any linked block separately in another document and edit it there. Then use the BlockManager command back in the original document to update the inserted block. This is done with the gear icon in the block manager.

This overview comparison between Rhino 5 for Mac and Rhino 5 for Windows might help. For specific commands, check out this list.

Inplace BlockEditing is basic must have deal breaker :confused:

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Guess the deal is broken then, it’s not going to happen for the first release version.


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Am I right that BlockEdit is working now (in WIP 5C133) when double-clicking a block?
Am I missing sth.?

Will there be a text-command?

right… BlockEdit is now in Rhino for Mac. :smile_cat:

the text-command also works… it’s just that currently, you have to type out the whole name and it won’t show up in the command search list…
for now, you could put _BlockEdit on an alias in order to activate it more quickly via keyboards.

It’s not quite done, but it’s coming along. We’d like to get this command in the 5.2 update, if possible.