Rhino 5 - mac - Big Sur - Block Edit?


Just upgraded tot Os Big Sur this morning…

Wanted to do a block-edit in a file but it seems not working… if i create a new file with a new block and wanted to edit it, Rhino even crashed.

The window of ‘block edit’ appears but it’s blank…

Anyone with the same problem? Any solution?

Thanks for the report. I see this here too but only in Rhino 5.5.5 on macOS 11.0.1. I filed it as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/MR-3343 for future reference although I’m not sure when or if this will get looked at to be honest. I found a work around in that if you insert a linked and embedded block and then double click it to launch the in place block editor, you can choose to launch another Rhino 5 to edit it. This works.

Other than that, I don’t see the issue in Rhino 6 for Mac or Rhino 7 for Mac on macOS 11.0.1 so if you have those versions that’s another option.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the reply.
I followed to conversation true your link…

It’s sad that elementary functions like editing blocks suddenly become impossible because of an update of another company (Apple in this case)… There’s a logic that new features of following versions of Rhino are not included in Rhino 5 or things don’t get improved… but I would expect versions of software like Rhino still function when I update my OS…

As I understand, spending 1000 euro for a more recent version of Rhino becomes the only option to maintain this basic function in a fast way? Your work around functions, I assume, but I can’t evaluate it as ‘easy, fast, …’ like before.

I can’t hide some frustration and disappointment… from one day to the other my Rhino version becomes useless… and I didn’t change my computer, hardware, …

But you upgraded the OS. You can downgrade. Apple has a below-average reputation for compatibility and, to some extent, an I-care-about-nobody philosophy.

disclaimer: I do coding on both Win and Mac.

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I think your options are:

  • Use the Rhino 7 evaluation version for free for 90 days and hope that a Big Sur patch will fix the issue with Rhino 5. We have seen patches come out of Apple for their OS many times in the past.
  • Pay for an upgrade to Rhino 7. The upgrade price for Rhino is not 1000 euro.
  • Downgrade your OS back to what it was yesterday as @gankeyu suggests

I would venture to guess that there are going to be more issues than just block edit with Rhino 5 on Big Sur. If block edit crashes, there are probably going to be other commands that will follow suit.

it’s not just Rhino, I can’t even open a shared iCloud document from my older machine, and I’m stuck on 10.13.6 in that case because of… “reasons”, I guess? backwards compatibility is hilariously bad at this point.

with other software it got to the point that I need to keep in mind what can I edit on what version in order to maintain a cross-platform workflow, we regularly do shared document editing in Google Drive because the team has multiple machines with High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina (not counting Win10).

I haven’t upgraded macOS on day 1 (or week 1 or month 1 for that matter) since Sierra, I always wait for other people these days to burn themselves, I’m sorry it had to be you. I recommend you downgrade back to Catalina, finally it become somewhat stable by the 7th point release, you should’ve “enjoyed” it for a little while. :slight_smile:

Experiencing the similar problem

Rhino 7 mac on BigSur. MacBook Pro Late 2013.

Block/Block Edit, frequently cause all objects in entire file disappears. Rhino does not crash. The file size doesn’t go to zero, so the objects are still there somehow but not displayed nor select-able. Temporary work around for me is the revert to a previous save, and “hope” and “pray” the block command doesn’t do the same again.

Another problem, opening older rhino 5 models in Rhino7mac cause Rhino to freeze.

Fix please. :pray:

This problem sounds like it should be the topic of a new thread. A copy of a file of an Rhino 5 model which causes Rhino 7 to freeze and the results of the SystemInfo command from V7 should be included.

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Please provide a 3dm file and steps to reproduce the issue you are reporting. I believe you are saying that the block edit window is blank in Rhino 7 on macOS 11. Again, I haven’t seen that other than in Rhino 5 on Mac in macOS 11 so far.

If you could make a new post for your other problem that would be good too. Include a 3dm file from 5 in that as well as the results of the SystemInfo command in Rhino 7.