When did the invite others feature disappear?

Didn’t we used to have a way to invite outsiders to the overall discourse.mcneel forum? I’ve invited several people over the past year or two but I no longer see the option on my profile page. Did I personally lose that ability or has that feature been removed from the site?
I see I can still invite others to specific posts, but that’s not what I want to do. I have several co workers I’d like to invite to the overall site.

Hi Robert, I’m actually not sure about this, but this might be a Discourse feature that is automatically disabled when Single Sign On is turned on, as we did a few weeks ago. In order to login to Discourse, you now must have a McNeel Account. As long as anyone has a McNeel Account, which you can create here, anybody can login to Discourse.

That’s an interesting question. @sam - do invitations go away with SSO?

pretty much, at the moment you can not invite users if sso is enabled.

I am uncertain on how we would implement invites cause we can not create
the account.

Perhaps it wouldn’t create the account, but would still send an email to the invited party to join the forum?