Inviting others in a PM with @


Wonder if it would be desirable for @someone mentions in private messages to automatically invite that person instead of having to use the “invite” button…? Just an idea…

Thanks, --Mitch


…gets my vote too :wink:


We can’t make this automatic, cause you may be saying something like “@sam is really really annoying”. Mods often discuss other users.

We could possibly pop up a notice after you make the post suggesting you invite them to the PM, provided there is a confirm.


Who would ever say that! NO FRIEND OF MINE


Sam, is there an invite button when writing or watching a pm thread ? Can`t see it. :sunglasses:



It’s at the top of the thread only under the first message and it’s kinda hard to find. Perhaps it should also be at the bottom?

I could go for that…



Ahh thanks Mitch, i need glasses or some fancy animated gif image to notice that :eyeglasses: