I don't think this adds anything of value to the forum

Just takes up screen space and distracts from meaningful content.


This feels a lot like the cosmetic stuff added to CSGO instead of solving the issues. :wink:

Another no value message has appeared.

My guess is these are an “enhancement” Discourse has added rather than anything McNeel has done. However it would be appreciated if McNeel could turn them off.

I haven’t seen those messages. Is it perhaps some type of setting in your profile you could change?
nevermind, I just saw one.

Yep, been meaning to comment about this. Generally, it seems that Discourse has hit its peak and is starting to slide downhill. Seems like the crew have run out of useful ideas and are starting to implement marginal features of questionable utility…


I agree.

@wim Can someone at McNeel turn off these superfluous messages?

IDK, I think this message is actually a useful warning:


Agree, not very useful info. Hope it could be disabled.

I’m sure I can turn this feature off. I just can’t quite figure out which option it is in the system preferences.

i think its ok if you’d just turn them all off, what can happen much :see_no_evil:


A lot of fidelity here Steve, you can just turn it on for TL3/4 if you want, disable some of the feature in a theme component and so on.

I recommend living with it for a bit though, it helps to be nice to newbies it sets a great tone to future interactions.


PS. Hope we can all try to be nice all the time, not only to newbies…


We’re always nice to newbies here…


I try to be nice, or at least civil, to everyone here. It can be difficult at times though.


I have come to rely on this callout quite a lot now with my interactions on meta.discourse.org. It is not like I am a terrible person and incredibly rude but not to newbies. It is just that the tiny bit of extra context helps me.

This user just signed up to our site, and took the plunge and wrote a topic, I can put a tiny bit more effort into understanding the user is not aware of all the existing norms and features, say hello, say “welcome to Discourse support” and so on.

What is the setting called? I can’t find it on the admin panel

Simplest is bumping up min post notice tl to trust level 4, then only staff will see it.

If you feel super urged to remove it for everyone including staff go with .post-notice { display: none; } in all the themes.

Yeah, I don’t actually contribute at all like I used to but I’m getting too old to care what strangers on the Internet think about my tone. Especially…bah better not.

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Thanks Sam. I’ll just bump this to TL 3 and see what people think.

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