Wish - McNeel's Avatar recognizable

Usually, in the old newsgroups, I checked the email address of a user to understand if it was from McNeel or not.
Is it possible that Mcneel’s technicians have an avatar that is recognizable? So I don’t have to go in the user’s profile to investigate…


We should have this feature completed in the near future


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Ok Sam, Thanks.

It is technically completed now but the labels are somewhat unstyled. If admins want to set it, they can do so here:

@stevebaer @codinghorror can the title feature be added for moderators too please? Some of us might not be full on admin status. The other option of course would be to use admin for all of us…
Thanks, either works for me!

I still need to upgrade the server to get these changes. The discourse guys are helping us get set up with an improved server configuration that should be easier to upgrade. In the meantime, I’m trying to only upgrade once a week (usually Mondays.)

To be sure that we start the week with some surprises… (i.e. servers down, messages deleted, login problems…).
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