What are invites?

(Marc Gibeault) #1

In my “profile” page there’s an “invites” button.
I guess it’s for sending by e-mail a link to this forum so new users can participate… Anyway the button doesn’t work for me.

(Steve Baer) #2

I believe this is something that you will eventually be able to do once your trust level has gone up.


Yes, invite user is a trust level 2 thing, so you need to be around for a while before it unlocks. Moderators/admins can invite regardless of trust level.

(Marc Gibeault) #4

So how does this work? Am I a “level 2” user now?
I’d like to invite my Rhino-users colleagues.

(Steve Baer) #5

Yes, you are a trust level 2 user

(Marc Gibeault) #6

Great! So how can I invite new users?

(Steve Baer) #7

Do you see an “Invite Friends to Reply” button at the bottom of this post?

(Marc Gibeault) #8

Haaa! Yes I do!
Thanks, I’ll try it!