Making mesh render realistic but in shaded mode how?

I am sure @Helvetosaur revealed one can in fact in shaded mode have an object appear as if it were being viewed in rendered mode with the material assigned by object using the .jpg that comes with an .obj export.
In rendered mode this works fine, looks like the item I photographed.
I cannot find how to get that object to look as such when in shaded mode. Searched but cant find the thread.

Can Helvetosuar or someone remind me how its done. At the moment despite when in shaded mode selecting mesh and doing settings as I have done in rendered mode its a glossy brown mess.

I prefer the creation environment of shaded mode but need to see the real looking texture on the mesh as I can see in rendererd mode.



also if you want to call somebody, use the @ sign, meaning @Helvetosaur

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Hi encephalon,
EXCELLENT. gosh doesnt it make a difference to work on what looks like the real thing yet in shaded mode.
Now I am in top gear :slight_smile:
and thanks for the @ advice.