What's needed to open a .RVT file?

I’d like to use various BIM models but when I try to open them with R7 I get an error.

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Even more confusing is downloaded files decompress in a format - .rfa

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Which throws this error.

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Do I need some plugin or some chicken bones and a voodoo lady?

I’m pretty sure those are revit files and aren’t supported by Rhino.
You will need to export a .ifc (Industry Foundation Class) from revit which is the (possibly universal) BIM format.
There are a few importers for IFC such as VisualArq and Geometry Gym.

I see. Thanks.

I was thinking Revit would be supported as there’s a Rhino in Revit thing…

If I don’t have Revit - I’m on the Mac plantation, is there some other way of accessing the file?

The latest I can find:

But as far as I remember, there is no way to open .rvt files apart from Revit itself.

I would try to get a DWG 3d from the Revit people. Revit is quite a special format, not a general purpose transfer format?