Can V7 upgrade be downloaded when using Win 7 pc and just stored?

I need to make use of the pre March 10 promo price.
Can I at least buy V7 if PC that I am using at time of buying it, is win7 64bit pro and download it now, store it, for the day I get a win10 PC, as it states win10 needed and I wondered if download involved install and verification at that moment.
I am hoping to go V7 but unable to make a move on that as alas no advice yet on hardware for V7 and meshes.

If someone could answer the hardware questions please, I could get started on the win10 route.



Hi Steve -

Purchase of a license is not related to downloading an executable. If you don’t have a machine that can run Rhino 7 at this point, there is no need to download anything after you purchase an upgrade. By the time that you get a new machine, the version that you downloaded would be obsolete.

The system requirements are stated on this page: Rhino - System Requirements

Which version of Rhino are you running now?
Are you working on a desktop or laptop now, or do you have a preference for your new machine?
What size and resolution is your display? Do you want to change to something else? Rhino 7 is much friendlier on a 4K monitor than previous versions.
Is your Rhino machine on the internet? What licensing method do you want to use: eg. standalone or Zoo?

For a desktop I’d suggest an i7 or i9 4 or 6 core at the highest CPU speed you can afford when the cost of your other stuff is considered. Get an Nvidia card with at least 8GB video memory. Get at least 16 GB main memory and an SSD - probably Samsung EVO of 1/2 to 1 TB. Get Win 10 PRO. Win 10 Home is a study in annoyance. Either way it will take some time and learning to get Windows 10 set up in a way that will make a happy Win 7 user happy again.

Here’s something from Dell that would be nice:

Of course it uses a Xeon and ECC memory for greater reliability. It’s a bit pricier than the i7/i9 machines. Quadro cards work very well but many consider them overkill.

I hope this provides some thought starters.

I you want a notebook I can’t give you much advice other than the basic specs as above for a desktop.

Thanks WIM, so buy it but dont download it yet.
regards specs link…I couldnt see anything in specs about what best handles meshes, I had spec for V5 made into this PC, it was the remit, it must run Rhino V5, here is the spec required, etc etc, and when I opened meshes it took forever and was unusable, so I ask again as I must get this right, though didnt do anything wrong the first time so I AM WORRIED meshes don’t seem to feature much here, unless Rhino simply cannot handle meshes, ( I DO WONDER) but I need to draw surfaces over meshes from Photogrammetry. My new workpath.

AIW, probably best to keep the hardware advice to my thread for such, but not sure how to move your reply over to it., can anyone do that ?
Not sure though if anyone sees that section of the website as I was surprised of no answers on such yet know I get them here, should I move it to here ?

I run a quietPC accessories PC, custom built, 7 drive bays, 2 opticals, so need to consider either rebuilding it, or a new quiet running designed tower unit and then kit it out all over again with all the quiet fans and coolers needed additional to the silicone suspended HDD’s, etc. I dont find Dell or others have even considered quiet, cheap fans, anything to save money etc. Support means returning tower to them, whilst my support comes from the local PC build chap, but then if I keep existing as win7. I have nowhere to put the beast, its HEAVY and BIG. Costs are everything as spent a whole year of my life selling on ebay to try and get money for this and a 3D printer, and fix eos camera and fix kitchen floor, washing machine stuck in middle for 4 yrs, and so on, so may go for win10 pro onto existing PC, but worried over getting functional and back to knowing my way around the setup and having a win7 classic shell appearance, aka win xp, .

Can you reply over at the link at start of thread where you will see what I have and run.