What should we be noticing so far in the WIP?

The first thing I’m trying it out with is a complex Make2D task, it’s not so far going any faster than V5 but it is using less memory.

Sorry to hijack here but is there now a V6 WIP available? Don’t recall a notice or link anywhere - what did I miss?

Look in the announcement post for the new “Serengeti” category…

Man, has that link been there since the category was created? I totally missed that in the opening message. @bobmcneel I was looking for a separate post with the title “V6 WIP…”


We are just now getting the infrastructure set up.

We are hoping to have a build available later this week or early next… along with a Change Log.

We are changing the WIP process a bit. Only very early Rhino 4 WIP users will be invited at first. Once things stabilize, we’ll invite the early Rhino 4 WIP users… and so on, until near the end we’ll invite all Rhino 5 users.

We really want to keep expectations under control. We think the early Rhino 4 WIP users understand our process and won’t expect us to release in a month or two.

I just noticed the serengeti category today… wohoo, Christmas in the summer… this is just like in Oz.

@Holo, current build is not ready for a semi-public WIP. We don’t have the complete build system in place yet.

Sure Bob, got that, I read the intro to Serengeti and I like the approach.