Rhino 6 WIP/BETA?

I haven’t been around the forum in a long time and I am wondering if there has been any info on the V6 WIP/Beta release date? I thought I heard something about a possible May(ish) a few months ago…


Is a Rhino 6 WIP available? If so where does one get it? I see there’s a page here
but the Download link redirects to the main download page.


Changed to Serengeti and replied in PM…

Hi Bathsheba,

I added you to the Serengeti group here for access to the WIP. You can find the download link here…

On 1/21/2016 08:51 AM, Brian James wrote:

I added you to the Serengeti group here for access to the WIP. You can
find the download link here…
Welcome to Serengeti

Thanks! I’ll take a look.


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Brian! somebody has already added me to the Serengeti forum, so thanks for that. I downloaded the WIP and have been studying it for my next lynda course, ‘Rhino 6 Essential Training.’

QUESTION: Can you direct me to any resources that have an organized list of ‘What’s New in V6?’ That would be extremely helpful.

Feel free to email me directly if its easier / more secure.


The “What’s new in V6” you describe does not yet exist. We’re not that far along with the development to be building that yet.

This discussion archive is about it currently

Brian and I provided a few links to look at for “what’s new” here


Thanks, that helps to know. The WIP list from Steve is more of a command bug list, which might be a little too ‘focused’ for what I am looking for, and could also refer to existing commands.

Please keep me posted if you do create a ‘What’s New Feature Document,’ as that would definitely be the most helpful. For example, when you went from Rhino 4 to 5, the entire Layouts section and Detail Scaling was new.

Here’s my informal shortlist of stuff, as posted by Brian and Pascal

  • Osnaps should snap to visible objects only by default.
  • FilletEdge fillets are editable using the ‘edit’ command line option
  • There’s a new basic material and preview
  • New ‘Thicken’ render mesh modifier
  • Support for Ngons (Ngonulate command)
  • Grasshopper is included
  • AddGuide/RemoveGuide (for when SmartTrack is active)
  • Auto snapping to the origin and X and Y axes when SmartTrack is active
  • InfinitePlanes, (type IP), accessible from any command that can use a plane, like Trim, Split, Boolean etc.
  • Materials handled differently.
  • Fresnel reflectivity and polish available in materials (polish = pretty slow…)

I think this one is actually off now by default… I have to do a fresh install to be sure but thought I’d mention it. I got use to it and like it as a default personally.

It’s slow due to the render engine using it… Cycles is faster than RR for instance especially if Cuda is used.

I’d also add these to your informal list. I’m starting to think about lessons that can use them.

  • The ability to stack mesh modifiers like edge softening and displacement
  • BlendSrf works with History