Rhino 6 WIP - is it production ready?

V6 is not at an early development stage any more, and has so many improvements that it’s tempting to use it for productive use already.
I’m not doing super critical stuff in it, save frequently (also as V5), and don’t touch certain new features… so, why not?

Is this a bad idea, a very very bad idea or maybe even not such a bad idea?

Any experiences to share?

Because Rhino WIP keeps being a moving target using it in mission critical work is probably not a good idea, as you may get bit by dormant bugs or new bugs introduced recently. You’d probably be less happy when that happens.

But obviously it’d help us developers a lot if users actually used the WIP more (read: a lot), because that is how bugs actually get discovered and brought to our attention (assuming that users take the time to report them!).

With software in a liquid state it is really in the end up to the user to determine the risk for them. Beta (and pre-beta) grade software always should be regarded with common sense. But it doesn’t have to hold you back from using it actively if it does what you need it to do!

Perhaps another, wiser McNeel person can give even better educated estimates.


Are you (McNeel) still planning to follow the WIP stage by >=6 months of beta stage, prior to releasing Rhino6. I understand that was the original plan; the difference between WIP and beta being that during beta the product is feature complete and only bugs are solved.

No risk, no fun, right? ; )
I’ll go for it then, with plan B being Rhino 5.


If temporary work stoppages or other WIP related issues are a concern, with V5 as a fallback, remember to frequently save a V5 version since V5 won’t read V6 files.

It depends on what you are doing with it. Modeling stuff up, fine. Trying to get out a set of drawings, no (and moving back and forth between V5 and V6 will destroy layouts currently). I’m usually pretty tolerant with taking chances working in Rhino WIPs, but for me at least, there is still too much turbulence.


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Hi Sam - are the layout problems ones you or someone has already alerted us to? We should know about these?



I think you guys know about them. I know I’ve raised concerns previously, but I also know there is a lot of work going on right now for annotations, and the last two weeks have been a lot better. I will admit my response may have been a bit reactionary, but after having to reconstruct a few drawings, I was a bit gun shy and didn’t want to see it happen to someone else.


Hi Sam, no problem, I just want to be sure we’ve got the bad stuff recorded and on someone’s list.
I asked because I did a quick back and forth with some layouts and it seemed to work OK, but I am probably not dealing with the complexities of real life…


I haven’t tested this in a while, but for me the deal breaker was round tripping files from V5 to V6 and back was breaking my history links. I would get a “history failed to update” when I changed a source object. History often continued to update properly if I reopened the file in V6, but not when opening in V5. As my files are available to others who are not running the WIP I have to maintain V5 compatibility.

Hi Mark - thanks - clearly that should work, I’ll see if I can reproduce what you’re reporting.



This was back in October or November, but testing today with some of the same files I was unable to reproduce the problem, so hopefully whatever was causing it got fixed in more recent builds. I should have checked a newer build before I commented. I’ll dip into the WIP more and see how it goes.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I would use V6 more if the tabs were not so tiny on my 4K monitor that its difficult to use. We are so busy these days that I don’t have the luxury to slow down and get finicky with my mouse picks. On my laptop the tabs look pretty good, but I only use the laptop when I’m on the road.

If I only had one wish, and the Rhino genie was feeling generous, I would wish for control of the tab sizes back, like we have in V5.

I’m going to face a lot of backlash when (if) we roll out V6 to all the users here and those tabs remain tiny. I can hear it now. My phone will be ringing the first day: “How can I make the tabs bigger?”. My response “You could scale up your entire Windows experience.” Next: “How do I go back to V5?”

Multiply that by 120+ users.