What settings in dimensions control radius appearance?


large gap between my Radius and the arrow line, also arrow head was larger than leader and linear dims until I chose a custom style, i.e I was with Inch decimal and couldnt see how to control arrow head, chose another style I had made and now at least arrow head is same size
I cant see a control for those ?

( gap was still the same before I added some text to right of <> in the edit box)



Just like all the other dimension settings, the DimRadius follows the settings defined in the named style it belongs to.
Options > Annotation > Dimensions > [style name]

If you post a small file with the radial dimension in it causing you grief, I’m happy to take a look at the dimstyle settings and try to solve your issue.

Hi John,
file attached.

rad dim gap.3dm (85.0 KB)


I see what’s happening.
Because of the extra multi line text, Rhino is looking at the longest line of text; “suit hose”, and is adding the Dimstyle Text gap to it before it starts the leader tail. It like there is a rectangle drawn around the multiline text.

If you edit the text and make the first line the longest, like “R<> or to”, then it is the longest line and the bigger gap goes away. A couple leading spaces before the R<> will push it over through the gap too.

I think this is a side effect of manually editing the DimRad text using the multiline text editor and positioning the leader so the text is on the right instead of on the left of the left justified text.

If you could left/centre/right justify the text in dimension overrides, that would overcome the problem.

I think justification is on the pile for V6 as part of adding “rich text” support.

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If that’s the case, can I make a request? Namely - have the justification set relative to the control point for the dimension text. That way, if one subsequently edits the text the anchor point for the text is maintained so is less likely to need tweeking by the user.

So the first line of the dimension would not follow the justification of the rest of the multiline text?
That isn’t likely.
How about a work-around of making the radial dimension only one line, mak independent annotation text with the additional details, and Group them together?

No - all of the text would follow the first line. If you centre justify, the base dimension and any subsequent added text would build equally to left & right of the dimension control point for the text element, even if you move that control point. Setting the text to left justify would mean that all text appears to the right of the control point; right justify sets the text to the left of it. In all cases, subsequent lines of text follow that justification. That way, the user has complete control over both the position of the text relative to the dimension arrows and extenders, and the justification. The existing recentre text command would get you back to the default setting if it all goes pear-shaped.