Radial Dimensions and Styles

Is there any way to define the attributes for radial dimensions in the style? It seems I have to set those individually: e.g., arrow size, the text layout ("<>")

Hi -

There are only a few settings that are specific to radial dimensions: the placement of the text and the center mark -

If you need other properties to be different for radial dimensions, you’ll have to create a new style and assign that style to the radial dimensions.

For example, how would I tell Rhino to make all Radial new dimensions look like:

<> R

rather than


Let me add to this:

How can I set the Leader Arrow Head in the style?
Depending upon what built in style I use, I get a different variant.

How can I set the centermark size or disable it in a style?

How can I set the default text for a radial dimension?
E.g. <>R rather than R<>.

How can I specify whether a radial dimension has a suffix (")? If I start with some built in styles the suffix is there and in others it is not.