Dimensioning wishes

A few dimension requests:

  1. When making small dimensions, the arrows are automatically flipped outside (which is OK I guess), but it leaves a gap on the inside (middle example below). If the user does not want the gap on the inside, you have to increase the dimension style’s setting for “Dimension Line Extension”. This will slowly increase the lines inside until they close (2nd and 4th examples). However, the same setting adds the extension lines outside the main bars on wider dimensions where this was not a problem (not shown). Is there/ can there be a default extension line always inside the main bars?

  1. If a user moves the dimension text, can a leader line show up? I guess for the multitude of users this may be a nuance, but currently it’s drawing a polyline for each small dimension that has to move (5th example above).

  2. Do/ Can leaders have settings for where, by default, the text should be aligned? I would like the text always aligned upper left (top example). However, if I make a leader currently and the arrow is on the right of the text, the text is left bottom justified, which I do not want (bottom example). Currently I’m using a leader associated with blank text and moving it into position next to a text-only item. It’s not one leader (this is the middle example).

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Can you take a look at this?


  1. I messed around with this a little and I did see that gap you showed a couple of times, but now I can’t get it to happen. Can you send me a small file with a couple of dimensions in it so I can look at your dimstyle?
    Or if its just one of out styles from a template, tell me that. I don’t really know why you’re seeing it a lot, but I do see that it can happen,
    I guess you know about the Inside always button on the property page, and the fact that you can’t set that to be the default is what the complaint is about, right?

  2. I’ve heard that request for a leader to the dimension text, but not too often and it hasn’t floated to the top. I’ll make note that you’ve asked about it. I don’t see anything wrong with doing it, but I don’t know when it might surface,

  3. I’ll add a request to make it possible to change the justification of leader text. I don’t know that I’ve heard that one before, but I do know that its possible in some software.

Thanks for the input.

Thanks Lowell.

No, I did not know about the Inside Always button. That solves it, although you are correct, it’s not a default-able solution. The Dim Line Extension setting is where you may otherwise be able to play with it, but that’s not the same thing as the Inside Always, nor as good of a solution since it affects normal (outside) dimensions.

Files attached.


rhino forum dim request.3dm (460.5 KB)