What setting to stop lines looking like twisted ribbons v7?

Starting in V7 first thing I spot is when I draw a line it looks like a twisted ribbon with fat and thin alternating parts.
In V5 it was a purer line.

It was twisting away merrily whilst I moved the cursor about for the next click, even more obvious a twisted ribbon whilst drawing.

What setting have I missed to sort out this appearance ?

It seems V7 is a tad thicker contributing to this effect.



In Options > View > OpenGL, what is your Antialiasing set to?
4x is the default for both V5 and V7




4x for V5 and V7.

magenta line dark bright dark bright twisted ribbon.

bright yellow segments in selected line, sure as heck was not like this in V5, pure nice lines all the time, it is CAD after all ! comforting to use.

click on images to see the full image res and qlty.