Rhino v7 Vertical 2D Lines Faint/Antialiasing

Vertical 2d lines are so faint, almost like dotted, in almost all viewports (ghosted, wireframe, shaded). It’s not the problem of line thickness. Thick lines are also like this.

I have tried everything to try to fix it but nothing works. Turning off GPU Tessellation helps a bit but does not solve the problem, and different Antialiasing options do not change anything either. I also uninstalled Rhino v7 and installed it again, nothing changes. I have attached photos.

Please someone help me. Thank you in advance!

Hi @p.zhang1
Start by running the SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/pasting the results here, so people can see what your system specs are.

And use the Windows ‘Clipping Tool’ instead of taking pictures of the screen, so we can see the pixel by pixel result.

(Just type ‘Clipping’ in the windows search bar at the bottom of your screen, and it should autocomplete)

Or, in Windows 10, use win+shift+s shortcut :slight_smile:

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Cool, that’s new to me :slight_smile:

I have a similar issue with vertical lines being displayed very thin and sort of with a white shadow, when GPU tesselation is switched ON.

The following images show nearly no difference but what I see with my eyes is different. That explains why @p.zhang1 took an image of his screen. Hence I also took two images with my iPhone.

GPU tesselation ON

GPU tesselation OFF

What should I do?