Line Thickness/Weight In Pen Mode

Just upgraded to V6 (I did test earlier in the year), I use pen mode a lot for my layout pages, lines look very thick, any way of changing these to look similar as they did in V5 ? cheers in advance :slight_smile:

Hello - the available settings are here-


Hi Pascal, thanks for chipping in, yes I adjusted from the display modes settings, it helped. I seem to recall another way to fine tune lineweights in wireframe and pen mode, was there a command ‘TestWireThicknes’ ? Maybe I’m wrong, I have switched all settings to 1 in the display mode settings, but can I reduce them to say 0.5 ??

Hello - here the default Pen mode lines are noticeably thinner than V5’s…


I have been having the same problem and 1 is not thin enough. I have had to manually draw all the lines in.

Try messing with the TestWireThicknessScale command in Rhino V6.
See if you can get something you like better.

The display pipeline code in V6 is totally different than V5.
While it may seem on the top level that these are the same, you’re really comparing “Apples and Pomegranates”