What rhino commands do you use on a regular basis and think others don't know about?

(Wim Dekeyser) #61

Everybody should have this one on their start-up list: TestRandColor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Test commands can be hard to discover - the one that I couldn’t do without when having access to a dual-monitor set-up is TestMooCow - it now works fine in RH 6 and the WIP.

Finally, one command that I actually have in my start-up list is OneView with a 15º angle.


That’s actually quite useful for me sometimes. I have a "Clown"script that randomly assigns color to all objects I choose but this could work as well.

(Pascal Golay) #63

Who picks up the bill for therapy?


(Wim Dekeyser) #64

That IS the therapy. Changing landscapes and stuff.

(Pascal Golay) #65

Ah. OK. In that case, I’ll stay neurotic.


(Rickson) #66

and how does one turn it off?


I think one of the biggest things that new users miss out on is this forum and the fact that so many on here love to help out. A couple of folks that have replied in this thread have written custom scripts that have really saved me time and made my job easier.

Thank Ya’ll


Select by brushing; my mod is RMB as 10 pixels while LMB (default ) is 40 pixels.


Run the same command again.

(Rickson) #70

I tried that and it didn’t do anything (R5). I ended up closing out, no biggie except for a 5 min load of the particularly large worksession attachments I had going on.


A lot of useful info here ! :smiley:

What about making this discussion pinned ?


When I do that here the colors change back to before, also in Rhino 5.


I have an alias “hr” (hide rest) that runs invert then hide. It hides everything but what you currently have selected.

(Pascal Golay) #74

Hi Brad - see the Isolate/Unisolate commands in V6.


(Graham) #75

Type between to select the midpoint between two points. I tend to combine this with the mid onsnap to select the middle of a surface. There must be a quicker way…?


press ctl key and hover over snaps for ‘one time’ snaps…
also ctl+shift for some others (forgot they moved between from one place to other moving to 6)


Another great Rhino feature, that some may wish to remain hidden:

  1. Go to: https://discourse.mcneel.com/
  2. Start a topic
  3. Start with “Hi @pascal
  4. Get your answer

(It’s not a reall command per OP, but I am sure it will be considered for V7)

(Pascal Golay) #78

One hopes, at least…


Ditto that. I use Jarek`s Orient on Object every day. Could not live without it now.

I think distribute might be better in Rhino 6…but I am still in Rhino 5 with t-splines and use Pascal`s Distribute script almost as much.

Very grateful to have been able to use both scripts for years now.

(Gustavo Fontana) #80