Rhino 6 (and 7) Wish List and Niggles

…actually some of these are from my Rhino 4 Wish List :wink:

In no particular order:

  • BlendSrf Needs options to blend tangent edges and/or isocurves (as happens automatically with untrimmed surfaces).

  • During BlendSurf command and moving tangent grips while holding Alt down, it would be useful to be able to snap to geometry.

  • Text and TextObject have lost the R5 ability to scroll through fonts with the keyboard page up/down keys to see an updated preview of the font, essential for font selection.

  • New Split command option: SplitCurvesBySelf -splits a selection of curves at every intersection. Equivalent of the old Tsplines command _tsSplitCurves.

Self-intersecting curves should also be recognised.

  • Trim should work on self-intersecting curves.

  • Untrim should work on curves. (I suppose this is equivalent to Trim being history-enabled).

  • Leader option to place text flat to camera in perspective view.

Like an annotation dot but without the dot.

  • Isocurve Density should be per Display Mode, and accessed within the Display Mode Options panel.

  • Clipping Plane Wishes: Clipped portion still visible but ghosted, wireframe, or other (with their own display options). Clip selected objects only, with add/remove objects dialog like Emap

  • Viewport Clipping by Object, with per-object settings for visibility, colour, direction (ie you could flip from Difference to Intersection).

  • When selecting multiple objects it is normal to hold the Shift button to add to the current selection. If you want to add to the selection by using a window/crossing window it often happens that you unintentionally drag objects. It would make sense if dragging was temporarily disabled whenever Shift is held down.

  • For all us Wacom pen users: Alt+right-click = middle mouse button, for pop-up menus etc. Not fair…

Also, alternative keyboard left-click for inputting points with precision (hold pen in desired position over tablet, then left-click using keyboard (end key, for ex).

  • Broken history warning: it would be useful if the pop-up listed and named the objects affected, with the option to highlight/zoom to objects, like it works with with the naked edges dialog box. Also show which object is the parent…

  • “Repeat Selected” command: select an object, invoke command (perhaps with Ctrl+Return) which would repeat the last command used on that object, no matter what has happened to other objects since.

  • Option to identify and merge materials with identical properties- for when you import/merge models and end up with multiple copies of materials…

  • Control Point colour shift when weight is +/- 1. Blue=less than 1, Red=more than 1, with value in pop-up on mouse-(h)over. (Please never red/green combo for us colour-blind guys). Button to select all other points of same weight, and…

  • Nice to be able to group and name sets of control points *Groups have numbers… it would be nice to be able to name them.

*** I see this has been addressed, but only for V7 :frowning:V7

  • Alt Click to select submember of group (you can then edit it but it remains a groupmember)

  • Zoom Extents option to exclude Lights, which are often far away from the model (maybe a ZoomAllGeometry command or even a full include/exclude list)

  • Niggle with selected object: if Surface Isocurves is not ticked in any display mode, selecting an object will display its isocurves, but you cannot drag an object by clicking on them (which action usually deselects them). If it’s visible you should be able to grab it.

  • Option to add/remove objects to control cage, added objects then assume transforms of the cage.

  • Sun Options panel should have a Brightness setting (%).

That’s about it for now :laughing:


That is a very nice list of missing features to be implemented in Rhino 7. I totally support these propositions!

I also proposed many other features in other topics, but I will add here two of the most critical ones:

  1. An optional pop-warning upon deletion of selected objects that are outside of the visible portion of the screen.

  2. A reverse countdown that shows up several seconds (5-10) before an upcoming Autosave. Autosave quite often breaks active commands and is especially disruptive while moving, rotating or scaling objects. Sometimes Rhino even freezes upon dragging of objects or control points while Autosave is suddenly activated.

Hello - thanks for this feedback - I’ll see if I can point out one or two things that may help ‘for now’-

Holding Alt down currently forces a window selection.

I think this is it:

Here’s a python that should do that, if I got it right-

SplitAll.py (2.7 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

Probably more, I’ll keep reading…


Re: accidental dragging: That’s actually better than my proposal as it’s optional/user-controlled, Thanks!

Re: Leader
I’m not seeing that in Perspective view…
Actually, where is it? :thinking:
I don’t do much 2D drafting stuff so this is really intended to annotate 3D views

Ha, that makes not only the logical set of every smallest curve (like they all cut each other into the smallest possible parts), but every ‘possible’ combination of curves as well.
Run it on a bunch of curves to see what I mean.
In the pic, if I run the script on the curves, then select on the yellow dot, it shows all the resulting curves…
I’m sure I’ll find a use for that one day…:grin:

yeah… that felt a little too easy…
I see what to do…
Updated above. Oh.

Heh, I can’t even when it comes to scripting so reading the PY doesn’t help me at all, but I guess a lot more ‘DEL’s’ might be involved…
Thanks for taking a look :grinning:

Does this one work for you?

SplitAllSelected.py (1.9 KB)

That works perfectly!
Thank you! :star_struck:

Solved by yer man Helvetosaur :innocent:

It’s a real hack - finding all the intersections of all the objects and then running Rhino’s Split command… but yeah, it does work. Note it also works with surfaces and polysurfaces and (theoretically) any combination of such.

rushes to try

Seems to create a few too many splits if you run it in the perspective viewport, but works perfectly in any parallel viewport (!)

correction: It seems to be view-dependent… :thinking:

same split from the front viewport, looks like it’s iterative somehow, or at least splitting from each initial set of intersections…

That may be due to having “Use apparent intersections” activated? I can check tomorrow.

Hello -

You can do this now by running CageEdit and selecting the cage you would like to add to as the control. ReleaseFromCage removes objects. Is that what you mean?


thank You!
That’s exactly what I meant, embarassed not to have found it …:roll_eyes:

I’ve found this for Trim and Osnap, which don’t seem to effect your script. Guessing you mean an option within you script…
This is just on the pile and non-urgent btw… :upside_down_face:

I’ve never noticed that (maybe I spend too much time at the command line level thinking about what I want to do next), but frankly I think the most practical solution is for Rhino, when it decides it’s time for an autosave, to wait for the currently active command to finish. Perhaps your suggested popup warning could occur during the active command or even upon it’s completion. A countdown wouldn’t be necessary since the user would know that it’s coming when the current command finishes.