Rhino 6 documentation bugs


Online Rhino 6 documentation says:

Object snaps>Point
Snap to a point object, extrusion axis, control point, edit point, block, and text insertion points.

As a matter of fact, Point does not snap to the extrusion axis.


Yes, that is a correct observation, as an object extrusion axis is not available until you turn on control points, technically it snaps to an extrusion axis control point… --Mitch


The command-line calculator takes radians as default angle format. This is confusing because all Rhino commands take angle degrees as default angle format, and because documentation of command-line calculator does not explain it clearly.


Sub-object parts can be selected and de-selected using capture tools: SelWindow and SelCrossing, Lasso, SelBrush, SelCircular, SelBoundary, SelVolumeSphere, and SelBox. To select a sub-part of an object as input to a command, type: for curves, crv | for dimensions, dim | for edges, edge | for meshes, mesh | for points, pt | for polysurfaces, polysrf | for surfaces, srf. source: https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/commands/selection_commands.htm#SelectionFilter

Edge does not work.


Rhino 6 documentation says:
MeshFromPoints Creates a mesh from selected point objects. The Mesh from Points plug-in must be installed.”
It does not say that this plugin works only in Rhino 5.


The plug-in does not need to be installed separately in V6, it is already installed by default. Definitely a Help error… @KelvinC

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I submitted a bug report about this, thanks.


And sorry, I didn’t notice this post until @Helvetosaur @ me.

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@Andrew_Nowicki - Can you provide an example?

I tried using the Rotate command to rotate a line, pick one end as the center point, and then enter 10+35. The line is rotated 45 degrees.


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“extrusion axis” is changed to “extrusion axis point”, thanks.

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@Helvetosaur, thanks for @ing me.

I changed the description as:
Creates a mesh from selected point objects or point clouds. The Mesh from Points plug-in must be installed.

I’ll add the description of the three options when I figure them out. RH-45688


There is no documentation of Advanced options of the Options command.

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Yes, I created a youtrack issue about this, RH-45694.

I need to know how to export the list before adding them to the help documents.



Rhino 6 documentation says:
Object Snaps | Point | Snap to a point object, extrusion axis point, control point, edit point, block, and text insertion points.
What is the ‘extrusion axis point’?.. The extrusion axis point phrase is hyperlinked to LightWeightExtrusions, but the LightWeightExtrusions do not have any axes that Point Object Snap can snap to.


The extrusion axis is defined by two points…


Where are these points? Where is the axis?


Not in front of Rhino now, but they should appear with SolidPtOn I think…

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Actually, the points are called “extrusion points” in Rhino. That’s what should be used in the help topic.



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This topic is updated to address how to turn on Extrusion points. Thanks.


You can use the Osnap points because you have turned control points on. I use Rhino 6.3. When I turn the control points off, the Osnap cannot detect any points. When I turn the control points on, I get phantom control point and phantom Osnap ends, as shown in the following screenshot.


Those are the snap points of the sub-objects, i.e. the circles that define the cylinder surface edges and the endpoints of the seam line. That is the similar to being able to snap to the ends and midpoints of the edges of a box, for example.