What rhino commands do you use on a regular basis and think others don't know about?


(Michael Pryor) #41

I don’t think there is (at least that I know of), you could also quickly cap after.

(Javier) #42

perhaps out of the intended but i have my toys:

most used commands

quick Change orto , zoomfactor , rotate view

quick changeWorksession files:

Manu items:
Close all not docked toolbars


Try it on the apex of a cone.


Pascal Golay s INTERSECT PLANE script is awesome


Yeah, reported 3 years ago, this is only scheduled to be fixed in V7 some time (hasn’t yet), no idea why this is hard to do… https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-32739


I second that - Intersect Plane is awesome. I use it all the time. Thanks, Pascal.

(Brian James) #47

You can’t get the capped result with the Gumball extrude from a curve but ExtrudeCrv does have a Solid option.

Here’a another one… this option allows you to double click the dotted lines between control points to select rows quickly like you would with SelU or SelV.

One more… I also scale numerically a lot with a value of 0 in one axis using the Gumball to get the same result as SetPt… it’s a fast way to flatten anything.


also -1 for mirroring…!


Yes, this would be so nice to have…



what exactly does it do?

(Brian James) #51

Marlin mentions on that bug/request that Option+Click over an osnap checkbox will clear all others on Mac. The one thing that isn’t there is doing it again to restore the previous check states. I asked if this is possible.


almost forgot this one: when selecting in dense environments, you often want to select around something, but then once clicking to drag your selection window, it already selects something and you end up dragging geometry instead. This can be avoided using the alt button while making the selection.


Options>Mouse has checkbox which restricts dragging to selected objects only.


Yes, I forgot to mention this. The restore-part is actually the thing that make this useful. This option is unfortunately not useful at all without being able to revert to the previous osnap state.



But this I don’t want…

(Pascal Golay) #56

@alexandre_galin, @MisterB - I’m glad you like it and that reminds me of a not very obvious and probably underused feature in V6 that makes that script obsolete: InfinitePlane. Try it! You can ask for InfinitePlane (IP + Enter works) any time you need a plane - to trim with, intersect, Boolean operations, etc etc. You can even FilletSrf to an IP, though that is not very predictable as to which way the fillet will decide to go.



So many easter eggs… and it’s not even Christmas.


Thanks Pascal

Lots of hidden goodies on V6

have a good one,


(David Cockey) #59

Worksession - I keep reference geometry, meshes, and/or images in a separate file than the active file with the geometry which is being created or modified. Worksession is used to make the reference file visible and accessible when working on the primary file.


Another well hidden feature:
Ctrl+Shift+RMB-drag rotates the camera around the cursor