What is the requirement for mesh in Honeybee (failed example attached)

I’m trying to use LB/HB to analyze the effect of tree canopy to the environment around ground.

  • When using simple BREP, things went well.
  • When using the HB_planarize_Brep analyzation also works.
  • When using default Rhino’s mesh, things doesn’t work.
  • When using my customized mesh (created from convex hull points), things doesn’t work.

And as my mesh is a direct export from a plugin I wrote, I cannot convert it to Brep, and then using HB’s meshing plugin to make it work.

The things that confused me a lot is what is “correct” mesh format for HB Shade? I know it is related to the meshing quality, but it seems I cannot find any guidance anywhere…


Rhino’s Brep-Mesh

*HB-planarize-Brep - Mesh"

My exported Mesh (two version)

Hi -

Please use https://discourse.ladybug.tools/ for questions related to the Ladybug Tools.

@wim Yes, I tried. My post is currently on hold and my account is under check…