3D building model: Mesh to brep / energy analysis for multiple buildings with honeybee

Hi all,

I am trying to conduct energy modeling for about 20 buildings with honeybee but I am facing two questions:

  1. My building model is “MESH”, so that I need to convert it to BREP for using honeybee. How can I convert MESH to BREP?

  2. Can I conduct energy analysis for those buildings in one go instead of doing it multiple times? It is because I might need to analyze the energy performance in a larger scale in the future.

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The attached is my building modelbuilding model.fbx (3.1 MB)

Hi -

For simple shapes like that, it’s easy to just get the outline of the bottom face(s) and extrude to get a Brep.

That said, it doesn’t look like that geometry is suitable for an Honeybee analysis. You will need the outer walls and internal zones.

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Thanks, Wim!