Brep to Mesh: via Rhino vs via GH

Hi all. Every once in a while I find myself scratching my head over meshing breps for 3D printing.

The input breps are clean solids, while ‘Mesh’ command in Rhino consistently return closed, detailed mesh as expected, I couldn’t find its GH equivalent. ‘Mesh Brep’ in GH often returns me open meshes, no matter how I play with the detailed control.

RH meshing vs GH (1.3 MB)

The breps in questions are internalized, so are the good meshes from running Rhino’s ‘Mesh’ command for reference.

I am open to any method as long as it consistently returns solid mesh on reasonably simple breps like those in the attachment.

Thank you.

Indeed the Brep Mesh component returns bad mesh.
I also tried Triremesh. Also unclosed and very heavy.
I think this topic is worth getting more attention.

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if you have access to the WIP your new best friend is ShrinkWrap!!
I have to reinstall it but, will get back to you in 30min.

well, your brep had some tiny surface that caused all of this trouble:

however, I didn’t bother fixing it, but used ShrinkWrap from Rhino WIP and got this out:

(sorry the file is bigger than 20mb, I had to upload it to wetransfer)

yoiu might want to run


with planar only settings to reduce the file a bit.

hope this helps



Thank you Ben, I will give that a try!

And yes, I come across a lot of these tiny or line-like faces when investigating after failed Boolean operations. I don’t really know where they come from knowing that I am somewhat aware of good modelling practices and use the right tolerance.

I will leave the topic as unsolved for now to see if there is more interest.

Hi @xy236, @benedict,

Give this a try. (170.1 KB)

Grasshopper should probably do this for you…

– Dale


Wow, this is really good!

Thanks Dale! HealNakedEdges is really cool! I also find “AlignVertices” helpful sometimes.

RH-74187 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 30

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