Wish for grasshopper pipe component

Hi David
Now grasshopper pipe component support only circle section. Can you make supporting a different types of section for this component(rectangle,corners,different bim profiles)?
Please modify the pipe component.

What’s the problem with using Sweep1 (rail) for this (as in normal Rhino)? --Mitch

In theory its must help me, but it’s not work great with steel structure. I tried this. You can try if you know simple path.
steel structure.gh (13.7 KB) steel structure.3dm (241.4 KB)

The problem with other cross-sections is that the orientation of the profile curve matters. Not just at the start, but all along the sweeping curve. For the simpler case of linear base curves, there’s already the Extrude Linear component.

Another problem with non-circular cross sections is that they are difficult to ‘line up’ across kinks in the base curve. Especially if the curve geometry surrounding the kink is not planar and/or the profile orientation isn’t perpendicular to this plane. These are problems without clear solutions, but if you know the solutions I’ll happily add a second pipe component.

Hi David,
But in geometry gum its works. David I know you can to do this. For example substitution circle section to different cross section profiles. David are you help?

I’d love to help but you have to answer my questions.

  • How do you want to specify the orientation of the profile?
  • Do you want control over the orientation at the start of the curve only, or also at the back, or also arbitrarily along the base curve?
  • What needs to happen at kinks in the base curve?

I’d rather not make a component which only works some of the time, there’s already too many of those as it is.

Hi David
only perpendicular to rail curves( face please a picture)
support closed and unclosed profile curves

This is the best Rhino can do at the moment with sweeps.

custompipe.gh (5.3 KB)


Thank you David.
Cool. I am tested for this sample(look please a attached files) and have same problem with angle and object position. I think need add profile base point input.
custompipe_beta.3dm (220.0 KB) custompipe_beta.gh (11.6 KB)

My second test grasshopper trees worked great. But we have problem with orient objects along curve(sample 2 with spline curve). Also suggest post this topic on grasshopper web site that a lot of people can test this component.

custompipe_beta_2.gh (10.1 KB) custompipe_beta_2.3dm (226.2 KB)

Last test with Lunch box (worked great) but need add curve profile origin point(now work with word plane)
custompipe_beta_3.gh (14.6 KB) custompipe_beta_3.3dm (242.3 KB)

Same topic on the grasshopper website