Pipe and other profiles

Suggestion. You can turn on pipe look on a curve. What if there were more options for different profiles than just pipe. Definately there could be option for rectangular shape or basic steel profiles (just bring in standardized families of sections) I U C H . there would another function “roadlike” and another “bake profile” How about that?

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i find it quite useful. not everytime you want to model steel or other structures in detail, for quick profiling this feature would be super handy…
please someone from mc neel have a look. i think this is supereasy to implement but super good ratio investment/value added

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for steel profiles which are not symmetric there could be even more options to select position according to input curve. if the curve should be profiles CG or shear centre. and rotation for L sections if it should be rotated according to principal axes

If you mean “bake” as in to be able to extract the geometry, use ExtractRenderMesh command.

+1 from for more profiles. Or something like being able to load in separate curve geometry externally (from DXF, with appreciation for roadlike/freeform as you mention), or width profile similar to those found in illustrator (so create a quick fadeaway from 1mm to 5mm, for example).

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i was not aware of the command but using this you only get mesh. its not as fine as if it was nurbs surfaces (which i meant by “bake”)

Hi Ivan -

We’ve had that feature request on the list for a while now - RH-126 (originally from 1998-01-15).
Have you tried making a simple GH definition to do this?

That’s all there is - the command only makes a quick display mesh to fake an effect.

funny reoccurence. i understand sake of the feature (quick display faking the effect). But this wish is more about upgrading the functionality to new level.
I know one can do it in grashopper but even in grasshopper there is no roadlike option for sweep (i dont know why since there it is in thino), one have to “fake” it with perpframes and sweeping. It other words quite complicated procedure for simple thing. FEM programs have it well. You model structure usually only using lines and curves and then you assign profile (also just to visualize the strcuture --> fake geometry). This request would make modelling especially steel structures much more simple (quicker). Definately useful for AEC users.