What is the Best Way to create Curve Pipe

Hi All
Need help, I would like to know what is the best way or the simple way to create the curve hollow pipe as illustrated:

ThanksPipe Section.3dm (340.4 KB)

  1. Make closed curve defining inner cross-section of the pipe.
  2. Make open rail curve defining direction of the pipe.
  3. Use Sweep1 command to make inner surface of the pipe.
  4. Use OffsetSrf command to make the pipe.

The original pipe was made mostly of two pipe-like surfaces. The spacing between the surfaces ranged from 1.57698 to 2.08365. I deleted everything except outer surface and used OffsetSrf command to make 2 unit thick pipe.
Pipe Section2.3dm (380.8 KB)

Actually i want to create another similar pipe with different curve profile. I could only think of creating 2 curves as track line for alignment then repeating the pipe section curve along the curves, then loft the section curves together.

have you tried Sweep 2 Commands ?
As you have rails, will be more easy to do.

Hello - Not sure if this is what you’re after, but to build ‘by hand’ you can try what I outline in the attached file.
Pipe Section_PG.3dm (341.0 KB)


Hi Pascal, thanks for for the CAD unfortunately I’m unable to open the file due to my Rhino version is 4.0.

Here is that file in RH4 format…
Pipe Section_PG-RH4.3dm (367.5 KB)

Ya, works well. Thanks

Thanks alot.

Thanks for the file, is great.