Curved surface

How to create a surface connecting these curves in Rhino ?
Can any one help me with this ?

Hi @sudhanguru - Is what you’re looking for,

I am trying to create a similar surface but with three openings .

you could make 6 surfaces like this and then play with MatchSrf

It’s also easier to help if you post the 3DM file :-).

there are many techniques out there, entire tutorials on youtube and also here discussing the methods. they all usually need some time to model. depending on what you need it for and how tight your tolerances should be.

One quick solution would be using SubD from Rhino 7 WIP, if needed that can be turned into Nurbs. If thats not an option you can try @DiegoKrause method, which is usually very fiddly since you have to match multple times to get anywhere close to acceptable at least i did not manage any faster.

one very fast method could also be using trimmed patches. not an outrages continuity quality but maybe enough for you.

extrude the yellow marked curves into surface as shown. split the pipe edges or lofts in the middle with SplitEdge as pointed out with the red dots

then use patch with the option “adjust tangency” try 20 spans both directions stiffness ~ 0.2

then simply rotate and copy this part, join and maybe be happy.

that should also work with a tighter radius in the middle as you show. give it a try

Thank you . This works.