What is the best way to close the mesh that I have split?

not the internal circular space, but the outer ring. Surely there is a cleaner way than doing single patch and fill mesh hole?

Any help is greatly appreciated


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Look at Mesh, Repair Tools

Try _FillMeshHole or _FillMeshHoles

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Usually I DupBorder the mesh and then with the resulting polylines, do a MeshPatch. Then join to the main body. Eventually do a MatchMeshEdge after.


In addition to what has been said, you could possibly have used a Boolean operation to create a closed mesh instead of splitting.

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Thank you for the help guys I appreciate it! I was able to close the end by doing DupBorder, but mesh patch didn’t work. So I created a mesh surface, trimmed away the excess with the polylines, then joined it to main mesh, and did MatchMeshEdge to close the edges.

It is now a closed mesh (hooray!). However I want to do some boolean operations with it down the track (basically cut out a space for it in another shape, so it fits perfectly into a slot), and then print both components. However, I tried doing a quick test boolean difference and it definitely didnt work. Where to from here? Here is what it says when I ‘Check’ it:

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Post a Rhino file of your mesh so someone can take a look…

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sampleworking_HP.3dm (18.8 MB)

Thanks @martinsiegrist ! Hopefully its not too much of a nightmare to look at

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I’m using Rhino 8.

Your mesh has dupllicate faces.

Honestly why does this object have to be a mesh?

Do you have the surfaces / polysurfaces available?

I exploded the mesh and deleted the obvious duplicates. Then I ran MeshRepair a few times and some non manifold edges are left.

MeshSelfIntersect can be used to find the faces which intersect. Either delete some faces and run FillMeshHoles or stitch the problematic vertices so the faces don’t intersect anymore.

I’m not sure if this can be automated.

If the goal is to 3D print the object, I’d suggest to use ShrinkWrap in Rhino 8.

shrinkwrapped_in_rhino_8.3dm (14.7 MB)

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Oh that looks like a great tool. Unfortunately I only have Rhino 7 and can’t afford to upgrade at the moment. Is there a way to Shrinkwrap in 7?

I have re-approached the project in light of the Rhino course I’m currently doing and have started again from scratch (I was working off some open source material before) but I’m running into some other issues. Such as this boolean operation which should be simple?

I appreciate all the help so far! Learning so much

sampleworking_HP.3dm (6.8 MB)

sorry to clarify - I want to Boolean Difference the pink slabs out of the green main body

Hi @Harrison_Pickering
Not the cleanest of geometry - there are all these small inaccuracies that add up to the boolean not working, and your roundings have tiny slivers all over the place

Depending on what your end goal is, I would just move your cutters up by 0.001 - which is your file tolerance - and it works. But beware: Your edges are not very clean and you can forget about filleting the edges afterwards.

If this is something that will continue downstream, eg. CAM, I’d suggest starting over and making sure that your base curves are clean and accurate.
HTH, Jakob

Thank you for taking the time to look it over. Very helpful! I guess I still have a long way to go in terms of setting up the build properly from the beginning.

Would you say that the pink objects are the main issue or the green one as well? And for the green object, are there unclean edges all over or in a specific spot? Just trying to understand which functions I have been executing incorrectly so that when I redo it i can improve