Best way to Cut or Boolean a mesh?


Hi all,

I was trying to cut a mesh into two parts, but mesh boolean (against a closed polysurface) doesn’t seem to work. I also tried to split the mesh, with surface or closed polysurface, but no go.

The cutter can be moved a bit (± 1mm) in any direction if need be.
Test Cut 000.3dm (254.8 KB)

// Rolf

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Rolf - I’m afraid maybe there is not always a way at all - mesh intersections are a pretty severe weak point in Rhino at the moment, especially if the meshes are less that perfect (this one has some self-intersections according to Check). What I usually do is MeshIntersect then SplitMeshWithCurve with the resulting polyline. As is, this is not working with this mesh.



One surefire way I know of to break up meshes is to use _ExtractMeshFaces. Zero failure rate.


What about WIP? This is a new project, heavily based on GH. Rough “pre processing” of the meshes, no precision work. Would WIP do any better?

I will definitely try that!

// Rolf

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Rolf - the WIP will not do appreciably better, I’m afraid - the mesh intersection stuff is a known sore-spot and is getting attention but it is not better yet as far as I know.



OK, good to know anyway. But I promise to come back on this later… :slight_smile:

// Rolf