How to use boolean to split an object

I trying to remove a pat form this the cent of it and delete it using mesh boolean but it will not let me select just that part it only selects

the whole model

Hello - can you post the model and explain exactly what it is you’d like to change?


i did put the model on there I want to take out the center and close up the whole to make the bottom solid
modified_cube_2.0.stl (232.4 KB)

Hello - like this?

If that is it, use ExtractMeshPart and select faces on the inside of the cylinder - the hole. Delete the extracted parts - make sure there are no more faces inside. Use SplitDisjointMesh, select the large mesh that is left, run Invert and Delete, to make sure. Then FillMeshHoles , RebuildMesh and you should be set.
In this case it is also easy enough to simply build the object as surfaces in Rhino and work from there.


i got the round part selected it said to select faces were is that at

i got it cut off how how do i close the whole

I was able to get the center done but how do i fill the whole

Hello - ExtrctMeshPart the inside of the hole, and then FillMeshHoles and RebuildMesh


i did that put it does not fill the all of it just the top

[box bottom_1.stl|attachment](upload://qjTDue978xNs7R29jfYt2rsI2qr.stl) (154.8 KB)

Hi @wizard220,

Here’s a video to explain the workflow of removing the tube and hole in this mesh. Watch the top left command line for the command names.

got that done but when i join them it did not say join into 1 what did i do wrong

thanks i got it done

im trying to put to object together to make on model
base1.stl (32.3 KB)
base2.stl (33.9 KB)
trying to boolean together but is not workin

Hello - please see

And in particular


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