What is good parametric solid modeler companion to Rhino 7?

What is the good parametric solid modeler companion to Rhino 7:

Solidworks (parasolid);
Alibre Design (ACIS kernel);
T-Flex (parasolid kernel);
KOMPAS-3d CAD (c3d kernel which is made on Catia kernel base);
FREECAD (Open CASCADE kernel)?

I mean to add some detailed procedural features (holes, pockets, screw places, snapfits), adding inner thickening without errors (when thickening value is bigger than radius), good filleting without errors etc.

Catia is out of my reach, unfortunately.

Zrzut ekranu 2021-05-06 155900

I`ve tested all from this list over NURBS surfaces created from subd (like on the image above) and only Solidworks did me proper inner thickening without any problems but maybe for the rest I should dig deeper but my trial periods are over and I think maybe someone of you made similar tests over organic surfaces created in Rhino (f.e. car bumpers, motor shields, boat parts etc.). I look for something cheaper than Solidworks what will give me similar results. I’ve chosen as test surface NURBS patch created from subd because I knew that will be hard. T-flex also almost did the job but the surface was a little wavy (because of the dense CP network). I did a test on subd->NURBS made surface but it was only testing, my question is wider- about pure rhino made surfaces also (not only about generated from subd).


or maybe not parametric but Keycreator CAD would be better as a companion for Rhino with adding production features and shelling (hollowing). Do you have any experience with connecting Rhino surfaces with Keycreator CAD?