Modifier Stack


is there, in rhino, any way for changes in polysurfaces to have the same behavior found in Modifier Stack 3ds max?

making the changes made to the objects fully active?
can be switched on / off or even deleted at any time?


That is called “parametric modeling” and is a different type of program than Rhino.

What you want is either Solidworks, Inventor, NX, Solid Edge or Catia.

On a similar level as Rhino, there’s also something called FreeCAD and BricsCAD.

which program with “parametric modeling” do you recommend that it be very similar to rhino 6?

or until it has more features than rhino 6?

Rhino does have History for some things, however better than a modstack is Grasshopper. If you are into modelling which you can change parametrically, you should get into grasshopper.

which nurbs software with parametric modeling do you recommend?

which is the most powerful?

Whis is the most powerful? Catia. But it has a price tag to match as well.

Which would I recommend? Most people here at work say NX.

Why do you think Catia is the most powerful?

in catia I can count on tools similar to those of rhino?

and how much parametric modeling? in catia I have this feature with good quality?

it seems to me that there are several types of CATIA

what is the most similar to Rhino that also contains parametric modeling?

Sorry, but you misunderstood me. Parametric modeling, what you originally asked for, is not similar to Rhino at all.

The closest you are going to get is Autodesk Alias, but that, on the other hand, is not similar to the modifier stack in Max.

What you are asking for, to my knowledge, does not exist.