Rhino parametrics?

anyone using the rhino parametric plug in? Any review or thoughts. Does it work well with rhino 5? was it worth the cost? Any thoughts are appreciated.

I too have been really interested in RhinoParametrics. Was never willing to take the plunge and buy it as development seems to have been abandoned back in 2013 (please, someone from RP correct me if I’m wrong) . It’s a shame because it seemed flexible (mixed freeform & parametric) and reasonably non-intrusive (use it where you need it).

I think the parametric approach they take fits nicely between Rhino’s powerful free-form and Grasshoppers algorithmic approaches. Nobody wants Rhino to turn into SolidWorks, but Rhino’s ‘history’ just doesn’t cut it.

Psst, McNeel, they are even selling the source code (just pretend you didn’t read the ‘Managed C++’ part).

RhinoParametrics Source Code For Sale

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I really love RhinoWorks, in case anyone reads this thread who is not already aware of the RhinoWorks plugin.

Looks good but sadly discontinued… http://www.drivingdimensions.com/

Oh that’s a shame. I really love the product and it’s been a life-saver for me for doing simple mechanical designs and being able to see the moving parts animated.

Oh well, thanks for letting us know it’s no longer available.

I was searching for a parametric solution for Rhino but seems that no one is available or alive.

A lot of times Grasshopper it is just not the answer. Hopefully McNeel will develop some parametric capabilities for Rhino. Something like RhinoWorks will do the trick.