What is Bandwidth in Dendro?

I don’t understand what is Bandwidth

Who can help me understand?
Thanks in advance!!!

My understanding, it is like a hull with activated voxels, other voxels in depth are ignored.
Bandwith with 2, means 2 voxels in depth are active or in other words 2 voxels in depth are present.

when you create a volume in dendro, the voxels close to the surface geometry get flagged as ‘active’ and the rest are flagged ‘inactive’. bandwidth increases or decreases the amount of voxels around your geometry that are considered ‘active’.

the reason this becomes important is due to computation speed. let’s say you want to smooth your volume. instead of computing smoothing on every voxel, it uses the ‘active/inactive’ flags to skip calculations on the inactive areas. this dramatically increase the speed in most cases.

for the purposes of dendro, setting bandwidth too big will result in slower and unnecessary calculations. setting it too small will mean you might have voxels that have inaccurate results.