Why 'volume to mesh' in Dendro produces invalid mesh?

Dear All.
I meet a problem when use Dendro.

When I use volume to mesh , the result always says a invalid mesh.
Is the problem caused by create settings?

Hope some one can show me some hints. Many thanks!

2020-29 LTH Tutorials Simple Organic Shortest-Walk Patterns.gh (26.9 KB)

Hi @Flora,

I don’t have Dendro, so I can’t help you dial in the relevant settings, however you can do something similar very easily with MP (MultiPipe) in Rhino 7, and a clean mesh output is pretty much guaranteed. Fine-tuning the input settings of the MP component can also result in very interesting and diverse result. You learn more about the different settings here. Simply download @DanielPiker’s PDF guide.

Maybe @gkirdeikis can help you with Dendro, since you seem to be following one of his YouTube tutorials.

multipipe.gh (18.8 KB)

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Hi, Diff.
Thanks for your suggestions ! Let me have a test by your advice.
And yes, you are right, I am learning from @gkirdeikis in his youtube channel :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . I will waiting his reply as well. LOL

Yo, Dendro tends to be kinda unstable when you start using voxel boolean operations. Seems like often it creates junk vertices.
Pufferfish plugin has a pretty good mesh cleaning node called “Rebuild Mesh”, try using it with Cull Unused input toggled to True.
If that won’t work - try messing around with voxel size in dendro settings. My guess was that smaller voxels = more precision = less broken meshes, but that doesn’t seem to be true. Looks like there are random “sweet spots” that just work.
As for Multipipe tool - if you want a bunch of joined up lines rather than a solid sphere with a pattern on it - sure, multipipe is definitely the way to go.


Hi, Gedininas.
Thanks for the options :smiley: ! I will test these options to get similar results .
Didn’t expect you are here and reply so quick.
Many thanks!