Increasing Dendro resolution

@ryein Great work with the Dendro plugin! I am working on optimizing an online configurator for medical splints and braces. Processing speed is crucial. I create the overall form in low resolution, and then for the buckles, slices, and fit, I go to high resolution. Currently, this is achieved by converting the low res volume into a mesh and then voxelizing it to high res. However, I could save a nice chunk of time if I could increase the voxel resolution rather than converting to mesh. Currently, if the resolution differential is too high, it does not work.

The question is: is there a good way of increasing voxel resolution without meshing first?

My only other issue is I sometimes get an invalid mesh after I convert the volume to mesh.

It was supposed to be an old issue with new Dendro version but I also still had this problem. You’ll find many tools to heal that (I have done one in Nautilus) but it is just a matter of 2 lines of C#