Dendro voxel display issue

Can I visualize a Dendro volume directly without having to mesh it through Shapediver’s display tools? We do not necessarily need the mesh for anything other than visualization so if we can just render the dendro volume itself that would be ideal and much faster.

A Dendro volume needs to be converted to a mesh for rendering in ShapeDiver and you can’t skip this step I’m afraid. On the other hand, this gives you more control and you can optimise further in case the resulting mesh is too large to render.

Hi Pavol,

Thanks for info. One follow up. Does the Shapediver custom preview rebuild the mesh? I’ve found that meshes seem to substantially increase in size on the actual web interface compared to the mesh size in Rhino/GH. Is there an optimal type of mesh or meshing for display? Thanks.

Only surfaces and breps are automatically converted to meshes for rendering, any mesh plugged in to the SDDisplayGeometry component is displayed “as is”, more in this blog post. Please keep in mind that volumetric modelling can produce objects of large complexity, hence the resulting meshes can be quite dense. You can use the Reduce Mesh component from Pufferfish to keep the mesh size within reasonable limits. The importance of meshing for rendering and best practices are well explained in this video: