What is a relay?

I thought this question would be easy to answer, but after almost an hour of googling, I couldn’t find anything.

What is the relay component/object?

It is found params > util> relay.

I was given a grasshopper definition that uses it. It doesn’t seem to do anything cause when I removed it, my definition still (seemingly) worked the same. I have never seen it before. My understanding is that it is new to R6, but I can’t find any documentation of what it is.

Thanks for your help guys!

also if you have two components miles away from the input component it is better to double click the wire from the 1st component and connect from the relay instead of dragging the wire all the way from the input component.


Oh, man that was simple. It’s basically a wire tie. Thanks!


It’s basically a typeless parameter component, offering nothing more than the same functionality that has always been there prior to R6. Like other trivial changes to basic components (Multiplication, Evaluate Surface, etc.), it’s primary effect is to make R6 models incompatible with R5.

:smiley: I’m sure @DavidRutten had that in mind developing it.


Well said!

Where is David anyway? I haven’t seen a peep from him in quite while.

Maybe ‘extention cord’ would be a better word for it?

Seems busy