Adding a lot of Relay can slow down my project?

Usually, I use Relay to better organise the graph.

I did not find info of the Relay component in this documentation page:

I presume this is not a component and it does not slow down adding tones of it into my project.
Is this actually true?

How much Relay slows down in ms?

Params --> Util --> Relay

Looking in:
I find : Params > Util , but not Relay.

Where is this Params → Util → Relay ? is it in other place? Thx!

Remember the data you referred to is a little outdated(probably pre-R6).

I know how to find and use the Relay.
I wish to read about info.
I’m looking for an answer about Relay speed.

It’s not a component but it is an object, so some additional delay will be incurred.

I cannot give you an answer in milliseconds, it depends on too many factors both to do with your hardware and computer OS state.

Ok, maybe I was hoping that the solution somehow was jumping Relay in the main update. As if Relay updates not so often for performance reasons.

Yeah sadly the only way in GH1 to do this sort of thing is to insert a generic parameter into a wire (which is what a relay is). To make it more efficient too many changes to the core were needed which I wasn’t going to risk.

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