Enhancement Wish: Relay Component

Currently when deleting relay components all wires that are connected through them are disconnected. (see below)

Suggestion is when deleting relay components to be just as if you’ve double-clicked on them. This will save a lot of time re-connecting.

Together with the wish below I believe will bring a lot of benefit:

I already implemented @anikolo wish, but I guess it makes sense to have delete special case the relays. This is now logged under RH-47883.



Thanks @DavidRutten, that was quick. :slight_smile:
When should we expect these?

Depends on your update schedule. If you’re on Service Release Candidate it’ll happen when the next Rhino6 SR branch is created, probably Rhino 6 SR10. If you’re on Service Release then it won’t happen until Rhino6 SR10 has been tested for several weeks.

If you committed to current 6.x it’ll be in 6.9

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Thanks, I tend to not use Release Candidates because I do weird tests, and I need to be sure the “crash” was created by something I did :slight_smile:.

SR10 then, I’m currently on SR7. When is SR10 supposed to be released?

@jesterking, when is 6.9 ETA?

Okay, I thought 6.9 was already stabilised since there’s a release target in YT for it. But I guess that precedes the actual branch.

I haven’t pulled it in yet though, still trying to get some more fixes in.