Relay component explanation

Never having really used them, can someone tell me in a couple of sentences what Relays do? I guess at my relative low level of user skill, I don’t understand what purpose they serve.


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Hey Mitch - they don’t do anything but you can use them to organize your definition. If wires cross components, you can insert a Relay and move that to the top or bottom of that component to deflect the wire.

When you have several wires that connect to a component at the beginning of the definition, you can have one wire from that component end in a Relay and branch out further on in the definition.

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OK, thanks, it’s kind of like a universal input parameter then. I have used individual “typed” parameter components in that way for example to “relay” a number further along in the definition.

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And it’s more universal than I thought …
Even though the point that comes out of the Relay component turns red, the point did survive this.

Maybe not a smart way of working with those…

The other nice thing with Relays is you can make them by simply double clicking on wires rather than having to get a param and hook it up.


Ahh… that’s cool, thanks.


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Something also cool is that if you have a wire with multiple consecutive relays, you can rename the first one to whichever name you like and all the following relays will acquire said name.

The bad thing is that they don’t draw any preview geometry. So if, for this very same case, you want to see the geometry preview, you need to track it down to the very origin.

you need to track it down to the very origin.

There is a shortcut to travel down the wire Automatically to the component connected. I can’t remember it.

This is kinda the key phrase :smiley: , no one can.

Seriously? I did not know that! Hope someone does remember. And what about traveling up the wire? That would be a great. No more panning endlessly.

Yes up and down stream. It’s a button + left or right arrow. Not at a computer, but if no one answers I’ll tell you once I get to a computer. My muscle memory is failing me.

Wonderful! I think I found it!

ctrl+right arrow I am going to turn my pc on just to try this right now. Thank you :grin:


That applies to all components, not just Relay. News to me.

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add shift + control to select/unselect, cool tip!!!

I use relays as input nodes in groups, makes things tidier…