What happens when you save a file that contains things created with grasshopper?

I’m trying to decide whether I like Rhino6 and Grasshopper. I’ve had some ups and downs with Grasshopper but begin to make it do something. What happens when you save a Rhino file that contains things created (modeled?) with Grasshopper? A saved file when re-opened doesn’t have what I thought I saved. Is there any documentation about this relationship?

Hi Joe - if you open the GH file you should get the same stuff showing if the Rhino file has the same input objects. To make these ‘permanent’ in the Rhino file, use the Bake function on the GH component.


Okaaaaay. I’d be glad to do it if I could find out how. I searched everywhere for Bake but couldn’t find it. Then I typed “bake” in the command line and after I hit return it told me to select the curves or polysurfaces but I could not select the scroll that I had created in GH.

Hi Joe - right-click on the geometry component that you’d like to have baked into Rhino.


I think I finally got it. I had to select the entire GH thing that generated my scroll before I could bake it. But it seems to have worked. That whole process wasn’t intuitive.