How do you guys "bake" Grasshopper and Rhino for the future?

Now that Grasshopper is integrated in Rhino6 I think it also needs a way to store the grasshopper definition in and/or next to the Rhino file. And for the Rhino file to know that a grasshopper definition is used and where to look for it. For now Grasshopper lives it’s own life and rembemer the last used files independently from the Rhino file, and that can be a problem when working on multiple machines.

My biggest issue with using Grasshopper in a shared Rhino file is how to inform my coworker on how to discover that a grasshopper definition is used and where it is located.

And that is not my major concern, because what bothers me is how will this be in 3 years time when we have to revisit a project that was put on hold, and we can not find the definition?

I know that this can be compared to the use of scripts and how these too has to be stored together with the Rhino file, but grasshopper is quite different as it is realtime generating geometry and mentally more part of the project and the Rhino file.

So a way to bake the GH definition into the Rhino file is in my opinion an important thing to consider for Rhino 7.

Anyway, I would love to hear how you grasshopper gurus organize and keep track of your used and centralized GH definitions for future reference.



There are pro’s and con’s (as always), but, yes, it would be nice to have the possibility. I’d have a few in my custom Rhino template.

At any rate, it’s on the list for GH2: